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Rimon Nadlan

A real estate agency but not only….

2 families from France, passed through all the stages of the aliyah…….. The Mercaz Klita, the army, the birth of children, their schooling in Ra’ananna.

The sharing of a strong ideology. The love of Israel, the love of neighbor and the will to promote this beautiful country to so different regions.

Our goal..

Our goal is to help Israeli residents in their housing research, but also to accompany the “future OLIM” in their real estate approaches.

To do this, listen and understand your needs, is our priority, but also eliminate your fears and apprehensions of the unknown. Concretely, enlighten your paths to facilitate your integration into the city that will make you a happy Israeli!

Be aware that your aliyah depends on your partner, and we are happy to meet the challenge.


You will also benefit from personalized advice and a selection of projects tailored to your budget, as well as the management of your property.

Our skills

Real estate agents for more than 12 years, we have developed strong links with professionals and owners, to offer you the best products in the best conditions.

The quality of our work on a daily basis, makes us have a panel of technicians at your disposal… Lawyers, architects, builders, credit houses, movers, cleaning company and even home Planner (organizer of spaces and storage)…

In clear, everything for ease a turnkey installation and successful.

A trilingual Secretary can also assist you in your administrative procedures related to your installations: contracts and connection of electricity, gas, telephone, registration with municipal services… But also to facilitate your integration, registration to Gan and schools, activities…

These values and services are available through our agents in the major cities Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Herzlia, Netanya, Haifa, Ashdod, but also on the expanding sectors for investors.

Rimon Nadlan

A French-quality blend,

……………… The American Service and,

……………………….. The Israeli “Houspa”. »

Our skills at your service

Our goal will be to actively participate in your integration into the city you choose by offering a range of services that will facilitate your purchase/rental and installation.

Our strong link with local actors, builders, promoters, owners and even, municipal services, will allow us to offer you the best products of the market… And even those who are not yet on the market.


Rimon Nadlan

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